Our Leadership.

At DWH, we strive to build a family culture founded on trust, transparency, and open communication. We believe strongly in servant leadership and a strong work ethic. Our team strives every day to develop and empower the next generation of leadership for clients and within our own business. Each day is an opportunity to incorporate our core values into a growing practice.


Our Staff.

People are our greatest asset – DWH staff represent a unique mix of professionals from different walks of life.  Many staff members have owned their own businesses, created start-up companies, or have played significant roles in helping organizations scale.  We are motivated by finding efficiencies, driving profitability, and ensuring the life of your business is set up to thrive. Through our experiences, we have learned from our own successes and mistakes, and bring those findings to each client engagement.

When working with DWH, you will always be paired with a subject matter expert who understands the nuances of your situation. It’s this combination of knowledge, experience, hard work, and personality that make DWH professionals uniquely prepared to maximize outcomes for our clients.


Our Advisors.

DWH is supported by an experienced group of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors. We actively seek advisory group members to help grow our practice areas, identify new market opportunities, and keep our team focused on value creation.


Business Advisory Made Personal.

For the life of your business.