Jump in Confidently

DWH supports mergers & acquisitions (M&A) for both buyers and sellers. Working alongside your advisory team, we will help fill in the gaps in your understanding. Our goal is to validate and confirm information, providing you with the data to make effective decisions. Can the business be sustained after exit? What will happen to cash flows as business is disrupted? Is the new leadership team capable and committed to a shared set of values? What is the integration plan post acquisition?

Whether it be coordinating an advisory team, financial modeling, or interviewing key staff, our team is here to help you through the process. DWH works alongside accountants, bankers, and brokers to help move the deal towards close.

Ken Genzink
Owner, Genzink Steel

“We appreciate the long-standing relationship we have with DWH. As we’ve navigated through challenging family business dynamics we have used many of their services, and today, as a successful company, we continue to work with them in an oversight role.”

Steve Waugh
Director, Global Treasury Service

“We have engaged DWH to work with our dealers/suppliers on strategic and tactical business issues and certain ownership transitions. DWH’s expertise enabled our dealers/suppliers to achieve financial and operational improvement. We will continue to look for opportunities to engage DWH.”

Kellie Haines
President, Axios Inc.

“For over 5 years, DWH has been a part of our team, providing financial support and enhancing our financial systems and controls. Their expertise and financial tools have been integral as we make decisions and communicate with our key stakeholders.”

Who We Help

It doesn’t matter the size or the story, every business needs support from time to time. When it comes to seasons of transition, our team specializes in partnering with all kinds of clients, from family-owned businesses to economic development corporations. For any business seeking guidance, we’re here to offer best practices for better outcomes.

Helping your business do business.

Before you sign on the dotted line.