All companies experience change.
Plan for it, with us.

As a group of financial and business professionals, DWH offers expertise and support so companies can embrace change for the better. Built on a core philosophy that every stakeholder matters, we listen to those who shape a business and guide that business to its best value, outcomes, and opportunities. Change happens – plan for it, with us.


Work with the best, for the best.

Get the expertise you need to improve the bottom line. DWH specializes in guiding companies through turnaround, restructure, and other insolvency events with cash flow management tools and interim leadership roles. We offer the process and tools to help companies make the right decisions.

Growth &

The company you want for the advice you need.

Every company hopes for growth, but most aren’t sure how to prepare for it. With DWH, you can make long-term decisions that sustainably grow your business in the ways you know are right for your people, your investors, your vendors and your community.

Mergers &

The confidence you need
to close the deal.

DWH provides mergers & acquisitions support for both buyers and sellers. Working alongside your advisory team, we will help fill in the gaps in your understanding while ensuring the business is successful after the deal is closed.

Turnaround &

Critical Support in Times of Need.

Business struggles happen. And whether due to an economic downturn, changes in demand, cost pressures, or a variety of other reasons, when a struggle starts putting your business at risk, you need a team that’s experienced and tenacious to help turn things around.

Our Leaders

People helping people.

Meet our partners. With a wide range of expertise, we’re ready to help your company wherever, whenever and however you need to navigate the shifts that come with running a business.


Companies approach us because they find themselves at a crossroads. We start by taking the time to get to know each company. Then, we help define the situation and identify their best options for a path forward.

  • Opportunity
  • Solutions
  • Ongoing

Business Advisory Made Personal.

For the life of your business.