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DWH’s presence and experience in the tribal space has grown, leading to increased awareness of who we are and what we can bring to the table. The customized tools and processes we use when working with companies are applicable to the challenges facing Native American economic development. This intellectual property, coupled with our experience in, and understanding of, the culture of Indian country, has led to our reputation as a strong strategic partner.


DWH has the proven tools and expertise to assist with planning, developing the team and company infrastructure, supporting deal work from due diligence through integration and provide general management advisory and governance.


DWH believes in people and process and takes the time to understand needs, values and what is truly important for all stakeholders.


DWH has the acumen and experience to blend the needs of each Tribe with the needs of business in a manner that honors culture and values to make a positive impact for seven generations.

Waseyabek Development Company

DWH is majority owned by Waseyabek Development Company. Waséyabek Development Company, LLC (WDC) is a 100% Tribally-owned holding company that manages the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi’s non-gaming economic development activities.  By fostering the development of a stable, diversified economy for members of the Band, WDC seeks to contribute to the Tribe’s long-term wealth and economic self-sufficiency by providing revenue and diverse employment opportunities for Tribal Members. 

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Deidra Mitchell

President & CEO, WDC

Rabih Jamal

Chief Operating Officer, WDC

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