DWH will help your team determine its readiness for pursuing a sale or purchase.

Pre-Acquisition Analysis.

When it comes to pre-acquisition, DWH helps you and your stakeholders determine whether a deal will be accretive or dilutive to earnings. After discussing your expectations, we will develop the right models to ensure a viable transaction. Additionally, we will make recommendations for working capital pegs, discuss leadership transitions, model returns, and assess the company’s performance in different debt structures.

As you investigate the purchase of a company, you should have a financial plan, management plan, and knowledge of the relevant risk or opportunities as you negotiate the terms of the purchase. We’ll assist with:

• Evaluating the purchase offer, projecting returns, and identifying opportunities
• Developing Financial models with debt servicing and cash flow sensitivity based on various viable strategies
• Determining the working capital necessary to continue running the business post-acquisition

Our pre-acquisition analysis will provide you with the right information you’ll need for a successful deal. In addition to the analysis, DWH will make introductions to various banks based on your risk profile, and strategy. Here’s what that process typically looks like:

1. Analysis & Reporting
We will review data gathered by the company including publicly available information and provide documentation of strategy and financials. 

2. Financial Forecasting
Based on the information and the buyer’s input, we will develop a forecast against which you can measure different strategies and debt structures.

3. Facilitation Services
DWH will help facilitate introductions to the right lenders to push the deal to close and assist in preparing information to expedite that process.

Meet Your Advisor

Ben Borisch has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, operations, and human resources. Additionally, he has helped many business owners problem-solve in challenging situations. Ben has extensive experience with cost accounting and builds useful models to show business owners the costs of running their business and the impact certain decisions have on those costs. Contact Ben at bborisch@dwhcorp.com


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