When it comes to wind-downs and liquidations, our dedicated team focuses on value preservation, ethical deal-making, and transparency with the key people involved.

Wind-downs & Liquidations.

Eventually, all good things come to an end. And when that thing is your business, it’s important to have the right people by your side. In preparation for a sale or liquidation, our team will help preserve assets in the absolute best way possible, and bring humanity into a process that doesn’t typically have enough of it.

At DWH, we quickly reduce operational expenses while maximizing the value received for company assets. It’s a complex process, but our goal is to make it look easy — all while minimizing risks and liabilities every step of the way. More than forms and formalities, DWH provides an experienced team with keen minds and compassionate hearts who are with you the whole way through. We’re trusted to provide: 

• Liquidation and wind-down plan
• Financial liquidation modeling
Vendor, client, and creditor communication
Interim management 

Using our comprehensive protocol, our team will create a custom plan covering liquidation forecasts, budgets, communication schedules, IP protection, physical security of assets, and coordination with tax/regulatory authorities. 

With alignment from key stakeholders, we’ll put our plan into action, deploying staff on-site, and immediately integrating into daily business operations to lead the business successfully through its transition. Throughout the process, DWH will provide reports to key stakeholders and updates on deliverables, so everybody’s always in the know. Whenever there’s a question, our team is ready to advise. 

Meet Your Advisor

Heather Gardner is a Partner at DWH with a focus on turnaround, restructuring, liquidation and wind-down consulting. Previous roles include being a Chief Executive Officer and Owner in the Automotive, Real Estate and Education sectors. Contact Heather at hgardner@dwhcorp.com or call 734.341.9336

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