The professionals at DWH are experienced in value preservation during the wind down and liquidation process.

For various reasons, not all businesses are sustainable yet the assets still have value that needs to be realized. We focus on doing what is right for all stakeholders during the closure of the business.

We have developed a comprehensive liquidation/wind down protocol that is closely followed. It is employed to insure important factors are not overlooked in what can be a chaotic situation. Our protocols require extensive review and action in numerous key areas including: liquidation forecast and budget, communication to stakeholders, use of third party professionals, intellectual property (IP) protection, human resource needs, tax and regulatory authorities, physical security of the assets, and a myriad of other potential concerns. The focus in this process is the minimization of expenses as quickly as possible while maximizing the value received for the company’s assets and avoiding identifiable risks and liabilities both during and after the wind down.

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