This month, we welcome three guests who will provide an actionable look at value creation, execution, and strategic planning. Nick Adamy, Managing Director with Adamy Valuation, will explore three primary value drivers that impact all businesses. We will hear from Andy Blackmore, President & CEO of Display Pack, about the challenges and opportunities presented by 2020 and how Display Pack has pivoted to create value during a volatile year. Ben Borisch, COO & Partner with DWH, will outline a framework for strategic planning. Join us and gain insights to fuel your planning for 2021 and beyond.

Tactical Tuesdays: Strategic Planning and Value Creation from Matthew Briggson on Vimeo.

This webinar is part of the weekly webinar series, Tactical Tuesdays, brought to you by Adamy Valuation and DWH. Clicking this image will take you to the Adamy Valuation website to view the webinar.

Webinar Hosts

Ben Borisch, DWH Corp.
Liz Briggson, Adamy Valuation

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