Strategy touches every stakeholder and serves as an actionable way to reach your company’s goals.

Strategic Planning.

Establishing a clear vision for an organization is vital to its success. DWH supports executive leadership with the development of that vision and an understanding of what it will take you to get there. We’ll help you clearly articulate the organization’s goals and define the action steps needed to achieve your objectives.

Strategy touches every stakeholder and serves as an actionable way to reach your company’s goals. Our team of trusted business professionals will help you create a single, forward-focused vision that aligns your company and its stakeholders by:

• Defining the key values of the company
• Identifying the company’s strengths and weaknesses
• Creating alignment with key stakeholders
• Developing a vision to capitalize on the company’s strengths and weaknesses
• Determining the tactical goals and outcomes to support the vision
• Setting priorities by focusing energy and resources
• Recommending ways to strengthen the overall infrastructure: people, process, systems, and property

Once we identify critical stakeholder needs and assess the internal and external environmental impacts on the company, we work with leadership to create a strategic vision to achieve stakeholder expectations. Our process typically looks like this:

1. Alignment & Visioning
Key values are defined and the company’s strengths and weaknesses are evaluated to create a foundation for the development of the strategic plan. 

2. Strategy Formulation
A vision is developed which includes values, strategy and tactical plans to guide the company to achieve and sustain profitable growth. 

3. Strategy Execution
We work to ensure the tactical plans identify the necessary action steps, the priority of the steps, and the organizational structure and resources necessary to support the vision’s execution.

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Ben Borisch has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, operations, and human resources. Additionally, he has helped many business owners problem-solve in challenging situations. Ben has extensive experience with cost accounting and builds useful models to show business owners the costs of running their business and the impact certain decisions have on those costs. Contact Ben at


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