DWH supports executive leadership with developing a clear vision for organization success supported by tactical execution.

The planning process used by DWH advisors begins with a situation analysis that includes identification of critical internal (controllable) and external (uncontrollable) business components, and an evaluation of company strengths and weaknesses. We help our clients define key values and strategic objectives by interacting with organization leaders to identify critical business stakeholders, define their needs, and determine how the organization’s vision can best meet their expectations.

Our professionals lead teams through an alignment workshop, where simply put, we clearly identify what matters most to the organization. Then we assist clients in the development of a future vision that includes values and strategies that capitalize on the company’s strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. We also review the culture of the organization and assess the impact of leadership on the company’s ability to achieve and sustain profitable growth.

Lastly, we assist in the development of tactical plans to achieve strategic objectives. Tactical plans include detailed action steps, organization structures, management roles and responsibilities, and forecasts and budgets for sales and marketing, operations, finance and administration, and leadership/management. A critical outcome is the alignment of strategic objectives with the measurement and reporting of the organization’s financial and operating activities.

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