Using our experience helping hundreds of businesses improve liquidity, we want to help you understand the way cash flows through your organization, from invoice to invoice.

Cash Flow Forecast Modeling.

The more you understand and manage cash flow, the better the business tends to operate. At least that’s what we’ve seen from helping hundreds of businesses improve liquidity. Let’s look into the future, so we can create a brighter one.

Our cash flow model helps pinpoint liquidity opportunities that might have otherwise been missed. It’s Excel-based, integrates with any accounting or ERP system, and is customized to your workflow — all while improving internal controls, financial performance, and decision-making at the transaction level. Here are a few ways we can help you improve cash availability:

• Negotiate capitalization and financing terms
• Manage customer pricing and terms
• Manage vendor cost and terms
• Vendor cost and terms negotiations
• Strengthen internal controls
• Forecast future assets relative to bank collateral and borrowing base formulas

Our DWH advisor will work with you to integrate the right tools and practices into your weekly routine, help you establish new communication rhythms with all of your stakeholders, train your staff, and improve decision-making so that your business can experience better cash flow.

Meet Your Advisor

Jeremy Cosby is a Partner at DWH with a focus on financial, IT & systems management. With over 15 years of experience, he has helped businesses design and implement tools and practices that improve efficiencies and enhance decision-making. Contact Jeremy at or call 616.914.5043

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