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DWH is a group of highly accomplished financial and business professionals helping closely-held businesses maximize value, opportunities, and outcomes. DWH provides clients with advanced assessment protocols, decision-making support, and implementation tools in situations requiring business and financial advisory services, including ownership transition and succession planning, and turnaround and restructure.

DWH’s distinctive philosophy of maximizing value for all stakeholders leads to outcomes that benefit not only business owners but employees, vendors, lenders, and entire communities.

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Turnaround & Restructure

Succession & Ownership/
Management Transition

Restructuring events and financial distress can create difficult challenges for even the most experienced leaders. At DWH we rely on unique assessment, modeling, and forecasting methodologies to provide clear, objective decision-making support to client companies experiencing business challenges. We focus on maximizing business value and working to maximize cash flow, with an emphasis on working cooperatively to avoid unnecessary deterioration in company value. By considering all stakeholders, DWH often avoids common conflicts associated with turnaround, restructure, and liquidation situations.

Ownership succession can be complicated and emotional – DWH helps businesses prepare for seamless ownership transitions, assisting owners as they develop and implement succession strategies to maximize the company’s long-term cash flow and manage risks. Key planning initiatives include identifying an owner’s personal and business needs, developing actionable plans, and assessing potential successors. We employ a team approach to helping family-owned businesses realize both business and family success, assessing and analyzing the specific challenges and opportunities they face. We aim to create effective and cohesive business solutions while strengthening family unity and harmony.

Our Services

Whether an organization has a long record of success or is struggling to remain viable, the professionals at DWH offer a comprehensive array of business and financial advisory services designed to help clients reach their full potential.

DWH provides clients with clear, objective decision-making support at times when transitional events – whether turnaround or restructure, ownership and management transition, or high growth – can challenge even the most experienced managers.

Maximizing Value

By maximizing value for all stakeholders – rather than simply protecting the interests of a select group – DWH delivers comprehensive, productive, and focused solutions to create a strong foundation for future success.


DWH realizes that vibrant local communities are built around the businesses in the area. By assisting companies with strategies to remain viable and growing, we help ensure the current and potential value created by those companies remains in the local marketplace and supports the community.


DWH works with an extensive network of financial advisors, lenders, and investors. We can serve as a liaison to facilitate communication and help align a company’s management tools with the needs and expectations of owners/investors or lenders, creating a cooperative and collaborative relationship.


To maintain a steady sales flow, it is imperative an organization’s customers understand and align with its value proposition. DWH is able to work with its clients to ensure their customer needs are being met while maximizing the benefits the company receives from the relationship.


A company’s employees are crucial to its overall success. DWH professionals can work with owners and management to develop effective communication tools that help ensure that employees have a clear understanding of the company’s vision and direction and are a part of achieving a common goal.


Suppliers play an integral role in the company’s success. DWH can work with a client to strengthen its relationship with suppliers, creating enhanced operating and financial arrangements that provide mutual benefit while effectively managing risk.


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