At DWH, our team is dedicated to helping trustees achieve their objectives while fulfilling their fiduciary duty to beneficiaries.

We understand that managing a trust is a complex and challenging task, requiring trustees to carefully balance the interests of beneficiaries with the need to minimize risks and maximize the value of trust assets. Additionally, not all trusts will align perfectly with the strengths of the trust settlement team. That’s why our comprehensive assessment protocols plus operational support capabilities are invaluable. At DWH, our team is dedicated to helping trustees achieve their objectives while fulfilling their fiduciary duty to beneficiaries.

Our experience spans a wide range of fiduciary relationships, from simple to complex, and includes trust assets such as operating entities and real estate. We can provide support beyond the scope of traditional trustee services, with expertise in operations, strategic planning, bank negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and back-office administration. By partnering with DWH, you can be confident that you’re working with a team that understands the unique needs of trustees and beneficiaries. We can assist with:

  • Development of a plan(s) to achieve desired goals and outcomes
  • Interim support in key leadership positions
  • Utilization of financial advisory tools, including cash flow management, income statement and balance sheet projections, and forensic accounting
  • Supplementing your core team in a wide range of scenarios from bank negotiations to court proceedings.
  • Strengthening of overall infrastructure: people, processes, property, etc.


DWH has a proven track record of successfully working with diverse stakeholders, from complex beneficiary relationships to small and mid-sized businesses operating in a wide range of industries. Our experience encompasses not only healthy companies, but also distressed assets that require turnaround expertise. With DWH, you can expect the following:

  • In-Depth Assessment – we will assess the trust assets and then align expectations with the trustee on behalf of the beneficiaries for the future of the trust. Additionally, we will discuss risks and opportunities by identifying gaps between current practices and best practices.
  • Work Plan – we will develop a prioritized action plan to achieve the highest value for the assets and reduce the risks inherent in the liquidation process.
  • Operation – DWH has the expertise required to operate and maintain a wide variety of operational assets and administrative scenarios.
  • Liquidation – we have the resources and experience to support you and your team as you communicate with beneficiaries and work to maximize trust value.

Meet Your Advisor

Heather Gardner is a Partner at DWH with a focus on turnaround, restructuring, liquidation and wind-down consulting. Previous roles include being a Chief Executive Officer and Owner in the Automotive, Real Estate and Education sectors. Contact Heather at or call 734.341.9336

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