DWH and JACO Advisory Group Create Strategic Alliance to Expand Service Offering

DWH + JACO Partnership

As of May 17, 2021, DWH and Ohio-based JACO Advisory Group have formed a strategic partnership to provide growth and transition services. Both companies remain focused on serving the needs of mid-market, closely-held, and family-owned businesses located in the Midwest, along with the financial institutions, and professional service providers that support them. The combined experience of the alliance’s directors gives them extensive experience in: 

• Automotive
• Aerospace
Food Production

Now, with offices located in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Columbus the DWH/JACO strategic alliance provides both companies with an expanded reach to better service clients located in America’s heartland.   

“We’ve been working with DWH on projects since 2014, and our core values are very closely aligned, establishing a formal strategic partnership with them was just a natural progression in what was already a long-term relationship.”
— Jeff Cope, JACO Managing Director


About DWH Corp.
Our philosophy focuses on recommending business and financial solutions that maximize value for owners, investors, employees, customers, suppliers, and the community. By maximizing value for all stakeholders – rather than simply protecting the interests of a select group – we deliver advisory solutions that are more comprehensive, more productive, and more focused on creating a stronger foundation for future business success.  

To learn more about DWH, visit www.dwhcorp.com

About JACO Advisory Group
JACO Advisory Group (JACO) is a management consulting and advisory firm, specializing in growth strategies and transition planning for mid-market, closely-held, and family-owned businesses.  They help clients with strategic planning, business development, operational performance, talent optimization, succession planning, and restructuring & turnaround management. JACO partners with and becomes an extension of every business they have the privilege of working with, providing critical support when needed.  

To learn more about JACO, visit www.jacoadvisorygroup.com


This post was written by:
Ben Borisch, Chief Operating Officer & Partner, DWH
bborisch@dwhcorp.com | LinkedIn


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