Organizations that are facing a turnaround/restructure situation or are considering or experiencing a business transition can benefit from the comprehensive business advisory services provided by DWH.

The strategic and tactical support we provide helps improve productivity, expand efficiencies, and enhance overall organizational success.

DWH utilizes a methodical and thorough assessment process to thoroughly analyze a business in order to understand the underlying issues, identify and evaluate alternative solutions, and ultimately make recommendations that will affect the best result. We then provide assistance in the implementation of those recommendations.

We adhere to an approach that includes cooperative interaction with all stakeholders in order to demonstrate how our recommendations align with their needs and expectations given the circumstances, and thereby minimize conflicts that erode enterprise value.

The strength of DWH is in the expertise of its staff and the effectiveness of the assessment, modeling, and forecasting methodologies they employ. The combination of business experience and financial skill enables DWH advisors to accurately assess each client’s situation and then recommend and implement strategies that deliver more effective, timely, and productive solutions. In addition, DWH’s distinctive philosophy of maximizing value for all stakeholders leads to outcomes that benefit not only business owners but employees, vendors, lenders, and entire communities.

Our Process

The strategic and tactical support provided by DWH helps improve productivity, increase communication, expand efficiencies, and enhance overall organizational success.

Define Client Objective

The first step in our process is to work with the client to understand their perceived business gaps and magnitudes, and use those concerns to define their objective.

Analyze Strengths & Weaknesses

The next step is to assess an organization’s current situation. This involves the identification of critical internal (controllable) and external (uncontrollable) business components, and then an evaluation of the client’s strengths and weaknesses relative to those components. With this analysis, we are able to determine the magnitude of the gaps between a company and best business practices.

Develop / Analyze Solutions

During this step, DWH develops a plan to close gaps. We assist our clients as they shape a vision for their future, which includes values and strategies that capitalize on the company’s strengths and eliminate its weaknesses. This step also includes crafting recommendations to execute, while ensuring stakeholders are all in alignment and agreement with the vision and strategy.

Select Solutions / Identify Steps

Using the determined recommendations as guidance, DWH then assists in the development of tactical plans to achieve the selected solutions. Tactical plans include detailed action steps, organization structures, management roles and responsibilities, and forecasts and budgets for each of the key functions of business.

Implement Plan

Once the tactical plan and steps are determined, a client moves into the implementation phase where they manage, monitor, and measure the progress of the plan. DWH professionals are able to help an organization’s leadership deploy resources in the most effective manner, and can also provide input into adjustments that may need to be made along the way. DWH can also serve in an interim management role, serving alongside the company’s management team.

Governance & Oversight

Once strategic and tactical plans have been implemented, DWH can help leadership and management with the ongoing oversight of the implementation. With our knowledge of the unique attributes of a business, our staff can remain fully engaged or move into an as-needed advisory role as business realities change and evolve. Our level of involvement may change over time, but we are always available to provide expertise at the client’s request.

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