Systems and Process Planning to Eliminate Service Problems and Cost Cuts

Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Automotive Aftermarket Parts


A profitable automotive aftermarket manufacturer and wholesaler began experiencing significant declines in service levels after the consolidation of two distribution facilities. DWH was asked to evaluate the situation, provide advice as to remedies, and then assist with the implementation of those remedies.


DWH provided advice and assistance in the development and implementation of a plan to resolve the performance concerns and put in place processes and systems that would sustain the improvements. The objectives were to reduce cost while improving service levels through developing and documenting operating plans, improving operations organization, employing problem solving methodologies, developing and monitoring performance metrics, and training related management and operations personnel.

Service levels improved substantially while at the same time, reducing labor cost in overtime and headcount. Effective systems were established and documented. Key performance measures were identified, tracked, and resources deployed as needed to address concerns as they became known. Operations were reorganized, morale improved and productivity increased. Of particular importance is that these changes were understood and adopted by the client so that the improvements could be sustained.