Detroit Free Press Highlights Family Business Success

The Detroit Free Press highlighted the success of a juice business run by four sisters. It’s a great look at how family business takes a lot of work, but with a focus on the business issues above family issues, a great outcome can occur.

Doug Wilterdink, Managing Partner at DWH, was quoted in the article:

“I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s awesome,” said Wilterdink. “To the extent that you can link the society/community sense with a business sense, usually something good comes out of it.”

But he counsels such firms to make sure “it’s a business first, not a family first.”

Business aims to make money and value for shareholders, customers and employees. Family is to nurture and love one another.

“Put the business first. If you focus on the family issues,” said Wilterdink, “you won’t be successful on the business issues.”


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