About Us

DWH differentiates itself through its highly experienced staff, proprietary assessment and review process, and unique business philosophy.

By offering business and financial advisory services that maximize value for all stakeholders, DWH delivers solutions that create positive outcomes for client businesses and organization as well as employees, vendors, lenders, and entire communities.

DWH professionals rely on time-tested methodologies and protocols to help clients improve resource utilization, information quality, and decision-making effectiveness. The process includes a thorough analysis of each client’s business, an action plan with recommended changes, and assistance in implementing new leadership, financial, operations, and marketing and selling procedures and tactics.

Our History

In 2006, DW Associates (DWA) was established after recognizing a need for professional turnaround and transition services for middle market companies in west Michigan or with ties to west Michigan. Although similar firms existed, DWA took a different approach – considering all parties involved in or impacted by a company as a part of the engagement. This approach was and continues to be reflected in the firm philosophy, processes, and its people.

In 2012, the company became DWH, LLC, but remained focused on providing clients with advanced assessment and decision-making support in situations requiring business and financial advisory services, including ownership transition and succession planning, and turnaround and restructure. The firm has continued to grow, and in 2014, opened a Detroit office to fulfill a need for similar middle market services in southeast Michigan and relationships tied to that area.